I am a freelance make up artist for Yves Saint Laurent. They have launched a new lipstick: ROUGE PUR COUTURE THE SLIM. The lipstick is super unique, because it’s square. The square shape ensures you can use the lipstick also as a lipliner and apply the product on your lips with precision. I have tried one of their pink lipsticks (color 4). The lipstick is creamy and gives a leather matte finish. The color is super pigmented. The packaging is gold. As the name ; THE SLIM says it itself, the lipstick is thin. This is super handy to carry it in your handbag. And on top of all this it remains almost the whole day.

I love that YSLBEAUTY always launch make up for all type of skin tones.

Thanks to the intense colors and great pigment, their products are perfect for the dark skin, as for myself :0).

Go and check out all The Slim lipstickshades on the YSL website and find out if your favorite color is available in your country.

Don?t forget to take a look at my YSL BEAUTY ? THE SLIM LIPSTICK TUTORIAL on YOUTUBE, for more details.

I will show you in one of my future blogposts more YSLBEAUTY make-up looks, so Stay Tuned.

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I love to combine fashion & beauty. Gucci is my favorite luxury Italian fashion brand, that’s why I have created my own Gucci nails design. I got inspired by the green-red-green stripes Gucci design. I like these colors and wanted to share my succesful Gucci nails creation with you!

Of course I will show you in my future blogposts more of my own nail designs, so…Stay Tuned.

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The Senegalese national football team aka LES LIONS, was my favorite African team, during the World Cup 2018 in Russia. I have created a classy make-up & fashion tutotial to represent and support them. I want to show all ladies around the world , that they can make and dress themselves up in a classy way. To create my make-up look, I use the colors of the Senegalese flag; green, yellow and red. I wear my favorite dark green sequin two piece and use yellow accessoiries to complete my fashion look. All these beautiful colors occurs in the Senegalese flag.

I have created a classy glammed up party look.

Football is a party, you should look & shine like a star!

Go & take a look at my SENEGAL ? LES LIONS MAKE-UP & FASHION TUTORIAL on YOUTUBE, to see more details of my make-up & fashion look.

I will show you in one of my future blogposts? more classy make-up & fashion looks, so… Stay Tuned.

SHARONIZED STYLING TIP: If you are not into skirts, you can wear trousers. Choose one of the three colors (red, green or yellow) to stay in theme.

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:: Outfit ::

Dark Green Sequin Two Piece :: H&M

Shoes :: Palmieri Shoes Italy

Clutch:: Palmieri Italy

Designing for the future: Fashion and Make Up trends we need to consider now #designingforfuture

Since I am a make-up artist and a fashion stylist , it’s important for me to think about the future. We live in a rapidly consuming world. Each season there are new make- up and fashion trends. Almost everyone wants to participate, but unfortunately it’s not always achievable, unless you are a millionaire ;o).

Imagine yourself that every season you have to purchase a completely new wardrobe with (designer) clothes. I don’t know what you think about this, but for me it’s unachievable. We are constantly influenced by ; advertising, magazines, television and social media to follow the new trends. The more you see, the more you want.

I have learned that you don’t always have to follow new trends. Remember that almost all fashion and make up trends come back, don’t throw anything away too fast. Life is about creating yourself, and so is fashion. We still need to live on this world many years further, so we have to think at the environment. If everyone does a small contribution, we can all make a big change!

Below you can read my Sharonized contributions and tips:


  1. Combine your clothing. Today’s clothing is designed to wear all seasons. You easily can combine a summer piece with an autumn piece, and designer clothes with fashion chain clothes. Be creative!
  2. Visit a second hand shop with the clothes that you don’t wear. If you are lucky, you still can earn some money. In some of these shops you can purchase bargains, and you can find designer clothing at an affordable price. A great way to recycle your clothes and earn money.
  3. If you have a lot of clothes and searching for a new adventure, you can rent a stand at a flea market. Here you also can sell all the other stuff you don’t use anymore, such as furniture, electronics and many other things.
  4. Think of the less fortunate! Donate your clothes. In every country and most of the cities, there are international organizations, who collect clothes for the poor.
  5. Organize a clothing exchange party with your girlfriends. You will be amazed how many pieces you find, without spending money.


If it comes to make up it’s not always necessary to buy the most expensive brands. There are nowadays cheap make up brands with a great quality. These are some of my favorite brands that you should try; KIKO, Essence, Wycon, Yves Rocher, H&M and Catrice. You also can find great make up on aliexpress.com. Be sure that you read the reviews before you buy something. Don’t forget to ask yourself the following question before every purchase: “Do I need it ?”.

This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader.

It was a challenge and honor for me to write this post.?I hope you enjoy this post and that my contribution can help you. I am happy to answer your questions.




Purple Passion#Kiko#Lipstick

I always wanted to have a bright purple lipstick. I went to my favorite cosmetics store: KIKO and tested out some purple lipsticks. I chose the Deep Violet (425) Smart Fusion Lipstick. It’s the perfect lipstick to wear with a black outfit. The color violet is associated with inspiration and imagination. They say; If you surround yourself with purple, you will have peace of mind.

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IMG_1006IMG_1005 IMG_1002??IMG_0998


I have visited KIKO to buy a new foundation. Because I never used a foundation of KIKO before, I had to search an appropriate foundation. I quickly found my color, thanks to my experience as an make up artist ;o). I chose the: SKIN MODERNIST 2 IN 1 FOUNDATION CONCEALER.  You should always test a foundation on your face. That’s why  I asked the saleslady to put on the foundation.  I wanted to be sure that the color suited my skin tone. It turned out to be the perfect color :o). I am super happy with my new foundation,  the best part is that I don’t even have use concealer anymore!  I highly recommend this foundation.

Don’t forget to click on the link to get more details.



Burberry Brit Rythm #SummerScent

Every season I like to use a new scent. I got myself a perfume gift box.  Sometimes you got to spoil yourself :o). This summer I have chosen for Burberry Brit Rhythm. Besides a bottle of 90 ml eau de toilette, there even was a body lotion and rollerball perfume in the box. The rollerball perfume is super useful to put in your handbag. I didn’t only in love with the scent, but also with the packaging. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a gold box filled with a nice perfume ;o). The scent is primarily about Lavender in combination with spicy notes. This fresh scent is perfect to spice up your summer days. 


unnamed (1) unnamed (2)


Because it’s the UEFA European Championship, I have created my own nail style to support the Belgian football team aka RED DEVILS!  Every day I get a compliment on my nails. I adore compliments & football ;o). Yesterday the Belgian team played against Wales. They started the game good, but after the first goal, they played less well.  Unfortunately Wales was stronger and the Belgian team lost. The game was the evidence, that life can be unpredictable. Almost all players of the Belgian team play for international top football clubs and besides that, we are second on the world rankings! Unfortunately all this talent was not enough to win the game and go on to the semifinals. Wales deserved to win.  They showed the world how you play offensive football and don’t let me forget to mention the most important. They are a TEAM and showed this in the past games. Their slogan: “TOGETHER STRONGER” fits them like a glove . After all football is a team sport. It doesn’t matter how good and talented are as an individual, as long as you are one as a team. That’s also the case in my job. You can learn a lot from this, it’s a life style! For me they are the winners of the  UEFA EURO 2016. Not only the fans but also the players of the Belgian football team are disappointed. According to me they have done their best. I will always keep supporting the Belgian team, after the Dutch national football team ;o). It’s not over yet, they still have a bright future ahead and can make a new beginning for the World Cup. I am sure that each player has grown and has gained experience.  I will keep support our RED DEVILS and will keep believing in this multi cultural Golden generation!

And remember this:

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger!



Red KIKO Lips#velvetmatsatinlipstick

Red is definitely my favorite color! When I feel tired or I have a tough day, I always put on some red lipstick to feel myself better. If it comes to cosmetics, KIKO is my favorite brand. They have great products at a affordable price. One of the red lipsticks that I use from KIKO is the: VELVET MAT –SATIN LIPSTICK. The packaging is classy an d beautiful. The lipstick is easy to apply and stays for a long time. During the day I love to wear my red lipstick in combination with (light) brown eye shadow. In the evening when I go out, my make up may be more outstanding. That’s why I use grey or black nuances for a smoky eye. I also use a black eyeliner on top of it to finish my look.

I wish everyone a Sweet Easter, filled with your loved ones and chocolate eggs :o)

Enjoy it to the fullest!


Velvet Mat 606
Velvet Mat 606



Dark Green Nails

I did my nails again and like usual it was hard to make a choice. Another luxury problem :o). I already knew I wanted a dark color. I wanted something renewing and refreshing, nothing random. That’s why I picked dark green. I was curious about the meaning of the color and I looked up the definition of the color green. Below you can read all about the meaning ;o).

The color green is the color of; growth,
harmony and balance.

It’s the color of;  growth, harmony, prosperity & balance. It’s a great balancer of the heart and emotions, it creates a balance between the head and the heart. From colors perspective it’s the color of; renewal, rebirth, growth & spring. It restores and renews depleted energy. This means that it restores us back to a sense of well being. Green is an emotionally positive color, it gives us the ability to nurture ourselves, but also to love ourselves and others unconditionally. The color has  a strong sense of right or wrong, inviting good judgment. It sees both sides of the equation, weighs them up and then usually takes the moral stand in making appropriate decisions. Green promotes the love of; family, friends, nature and pets. It the color of; the home lover, garden lover and good host. The color relates to endurance and stability , it gives us persistence and the strength to cope with adversity.

After reading the definition I think I couldn’t have picked a better color :o). I am happy with my green nails and they already have made me;  grown , stay in harmony and balance. Just what I needed! I even got a lot of compliments about my nails. I definitely color my nails green again and buy myself some green outfits and underwear ;o).

Let’s keep it green!


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