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Teen Make-up program

About Teen make-up program

Exploring the world of makeup in your teens is an exciting journey of self-discovery, a time to experiment with different looks, express your creativity, and gain confidence in your unique beauty

If you are a teen who loves make-up, then our make-up class is perfect for you! It’s a fun way for teenage to learn about makeup and skincare. This workshop is created to help teens develop confidence in their appearance and learn how to enhance their natural beauty.

I will teach you all the tips and tricks to help you bring your unique, beautiful personality to life through make-up. We will start with preparing your flawless make-up base and finish with an eye make-up and lip look, this fun and interactive make-up class. You will learn all about the latest beauty trends and the best techniques, so that you can create a beautiful make-up look that reflects your personal style. 



Here are some of

The benefits of the Teen Make-Up Class

Join us now for the teen girl makeup class and get ready to create your personal skincare and make-up routine, so you can unleash your true beauty!


"Makeup has the power to enhance not just your appearance but also your mood, boosting your self-esteem and helping you conquer the world with a smile."