Designing for the future: Fashion and Make Up trends we need to consider now #designingforfuture

Since I am a make-up artist and a fashion stylist , it’s important for me to think about the future. We live in a rapidly consuming world. Each season there are new make- up and fashion trends. Almost everyone wants to participate, but unfortunately it’s not always achievable, unless you are a millionaire ;o).

Imagine yourself that every season you have to purchase a completely new wardrobe with (designer) clothes. I don’t know what you think about this, but for me it’s unachievable. We are constantly influenced by ; advertising, magazines, television and social media to follow the new trends. The more you see, the more you want.

I have learned that you don’t always have to follow new trends. Remember that almost all fashion and make up trends come back, don’t throw anything away too fast. Life is about creating yourself, and so is fashion. We still need to live on this world many years further, so we have to think at the environment. If everyone does a small contribution, we can all make a big change!

Below you can read my Sharonized contributions and tips:


  1. Combine your clothing. Today’s clothing is designed to wear all seasons. You easily can combine a summer piece with an autumn piece, and designer clothes with fashion chain clothes. Be creative!
  2. Visit a second hand shop with the clothes that you don’t wear. If you are lucky, you still can earn some money. In some of these shops you can purchase bargains, and you can find designer clothing at an affordable price. A great way to recycle your clothes and earn money.
  3. If you have a lot of clothes and searching for a new adventure, you can rent a stand at a flea market. Here you also can sell all the other stuff you don’t use anymore, such as furniture, electronics and many other things.
  4. Think of the less fortunate! Donate your clothes. In every country and most of the cities, there are international organizations, who collect clothes for the poor.
  5. Organize a clothing exchange party with your girlfriends. You will be amazed how many pieces you find, without spending money.


If it comes to make up it’s not always necessary to buy the most expensive brands. There are nowadays cheap make up brands with a great quality. These are some of my favorite brands that you should try; KIKO, Essence, Wycon, Yves Rocher, H&M and Catrice. You also can find great make up on Be sure that you read the reviews before you buy something. Don’t forget to ask yourself the following question before every purchase: “Do I need it ?”.

This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader.

It was a challenge and honor for me to write this post.?I hope you enjoy this post and that my contribution can help you. I am happy to answer your questions.




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