Winter Wonderland Wear

For my visit to Winter Wonderland, I wore an easy and fashionable outfit. I was wearing a blouse with cheetah print and long sleeves. I always feel happy, if I am wearing cheetah print. That’s why it’s my favorite animal print ;o). Underneath my cheetah blouse, I wore my black faux leather mixed fabric skirt. This skirt gives a classy and  venturous look. With this cold weather my black tights were essential! I think that tights are warmer than trousers because they are directly tied up to your legs. This is why I prefer these during the winter. I wore my black long flat over knee boots, so I could take a (painless) long walk ;o). My black basic fringe handbag could not be missed. I left my hair half loose, so it stayed out of my face. No hair interference was allowed ;o). My jewelry ensured a fantastic result. I was ready for my Winter Wonderland voyage of discovery.






Author: Miss Sharon

My name is Sharon. I was born in Belgium and grew up in Antwerp. I have multicultural roots: South American and Belgian . I am broad-minded and enjoy life to the fullest. I love to smile and go with the flow. I throw my heart and soul in everything I do.The world is my runway! :-)

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