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During my visit to Eindhoven . I came across I was so happy to see that they had cinnamon rolls. I love these and had to treat myself. When I entered I saw: Hello Dreamer written on the floor. It was amazing! It felt like I was entering heaven. 😇 This was a sign, since I am a dreamer. The bakery was beautiful and I started to talk with the wonderful owners.

She talked about how she started the bakery. It was so inspiring. The cinnamon rolls were delicious! It tasted heavenly.

I had to share this amazing experience with you. 

This is your sign, that you never should give up on your dreams!  In dreams we plant the seeds of the future. 

Make sure to follow the and visit this heavenly beautiful place! Go and treat yourself  on some American Cinnamon Rolls, Pastry Or Cookies and get inspired.

These were some inspiring quotes:

Dream It – Plan It – Do It

Hard Work + Big Dreams = Brighter Future

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Be Inspired & Be Sharonized

Much Love!


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