Summer @ London#Day3

On my third day in London, we went to the Westfield Shopping Center. I was impressed again! I always feel so awesome when I get there. After a full morning of shopping in my favorite stores, it was time for lunch. We had a burger at Five Guys. They serve fresh burgers and fries. I enjoyed every bite of my burger. It was a yummy cheat meal ;o). We walked of our burgers during shopping :o). After a few hours we went home to recover, but not for long :o(.  After one hour we had to leave again. I quickly changed my outfit and we headed to the South East of London to celebrate a birthday and have dinner with Michael’s friends at The New Cross House. The New Cross House is a fancy pub in the South East of London. Michael’s friends were super nice and so was the atmosphere in the pub :o). There is no birthday without cake. We feasted of a piece of heavenly chocolate cake and then went to London city. I wanted to dance so badly, so we decided to go to Bar Soho. When we entered the bar, we were already in the party mood;o). The music was good and everyone was having a great time. It couldn’t be better! The later it became, the busier. We danced the night away until the early morning and then we went home for our beauty sleep :o).


Stay tuned I will reveal more details about my outfit#zaradaily  ;o)

sept 2015 247

sept 2015 218

sept 2015 219

sept 2015 220


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