Summer @ Heidelberg#FlashBackFriday#FBF

In a few months it’s summer time :o). I am already counting down the days! Last summer I did a lot of road trips with my friends. One of the places we visited, was Heidelberg in Germany. The ride took about five hours. Because the weather was nice, it went fast. When we arrived in the city centre, my friends introduced me immediately to the well-known drugstore: DM. It was a small paradise of cosmetics and personal care products at cheap prices. It was definitely worth it. If you want a stock of your cosmetics and personal care products, than DM is the perfect place for you. After our visit at DM, we went to discover the city. It was very nice and there were a lot of shops. Most of the stores are open till 8 PM. After our sightseeing / city walk, it was time for a Starbucks caffeine boost break. Unfortunately we had to leave soon to our next destination. We were invited to a pool party, where a girlfriend of us, had to sing with her music band. The location was beautiful, the landscape in Heidelberg is breathtaking! There were many people at the pool party and the atmosphere was very good. We danced and laughed the night away. It was an amazing & super hot summer day filled with; sun, love, joy, friends, music, laughs and fun.

Vielen Dank und auf Wiedersehen :o)!


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