Sharonized Bath Time Essentials

With this cold weather, there is nothing better than taking a nice hot bath! You are not only warmed up, but also relaxed. It’s the ideal way to go through the cold winter days. When I have my bath time, I use a few Sharonized rituals ;o). These rituals are my bath care products. The first thing I do is fill my bad. When the water starts to run, I put a little bit of my “DIVA” sea salt in the water. I use what I am ;o). Sea salt removes the dead skin cells and softens the skin. The natural minerals purify and cleans the skin. In the summer it’s the perfect base to get a nice smooth brown skin. Even for me :o)! Once I am in bath, I put a mask on my face. I use different kind of masks from “FREEMAN”. It depends in what condition my skin is. The two masks that I use the most are: the facial cucumber peel of mask and the facial anti-stress dead sea minerals mask. The cucumber mask removes the impurities and makes the skin silky and smooth. It renews and clarifies the skin. It’s for normal to combination skin. The dead seas minerals are nutrient rich. Dead sea minerals and sea salt help replenish and moisture the skin while purging clogged pores. It contains Lavender and Bergamot, these aromatic herbs help to eliminate stress and makes the skin smooth and radiant. It’s perfect for all skin types. Before I leave the bath and all my pores are open, I properly scrub my body with my luxury “VOGUE” body scrub and rinse it with lukewarm water. After I wipe dry myself, I rub my skin in with “Shea Butter Body Butter”. This intensive working, creamy body cream, is easily absorbed through the skin. It nourishes, softens and protects the skin against moisture loss. If you have a very dry skin, this is exactly what you need. After I have taken a bath, this is the highlight and it gives me an extra nice feeling . Some extra pampering never hurts ;o). After my Sharonized bath time, I feel reborn and ready to survive another cold winter day.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening!

Relax, enjoy and if you still have some time, jump in your bath-tub :o)


Bath 1

Bath 2

Bath 3

Bath 4

Bath 5


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