Sharonized 2015 Happy New Year Wishes & Intentions

2014 flew by  like all the other years. I have a feeling the older I get, the faster time goes! My life is a roller coaster. I had ups and downs. Luckily i have managed to overcome my low points and come out a lot better, stronger & wiser. This year I have done a lot of amazing things with my loved ones and I have visited different countries and discovered new cultures. On my journey I have met wonderful souls. It has openend my Sharonized world ;o).To gain wisdom you must live your life! I had plenty moments that I have been overwhelmed with happiness. 

In 2015 I have a few new goals and things that I want to change. Some things I just want to keep as they are. So I have been thinking about my intentions for this year and decided to write down the most important.

1) Continue to be sportive & healthy

Exercise is very important. My body is my temple. I  go at least two hours per week to the gym, besides that I also walk and/or cycle every day. It helps you to keep you fit and young. You get a strong; mind, body and soul. If you exercise you feel a lot healthier and happier. A healthy body gives you a healthy mind. Sports goes hand in hand with healthy eating, if you want optimal results, you should combine these two things. Your body is the reflection of your lifestyle. I want to keep this lifestyle going.

2) Continue to be happy and positive

This year my main focus was to focus on being happy regardless of what came on my path. I found joy and happiness in the smallest things. This is  the most important thing in my life. If you are happy and positive, your life will be easier and you will have more fun! Happiness is a priceless lifestyle. Once and a while a little sin or break won’t hurt, we are all human beings that should enjoy life ;o).

3) Give more to Charity

There are a lot of poor and homeless people and no one chooses to live like that. This year I have maked one of my dreams reality and I have helped on Christmas Eve as volunteer in a refugee center. I had a lot of fun and  it made me realize that everyday you have to be grateful for what you have! But it’s not just on Christmas Eve they need volunteers, it’s all throughout the year! In 2015, I want to give more of my time and help to people that really need it.

4) Continue to push my Sharonized blog forward

In September 2014 I have made another dream come true and finally started my blog :o). It’s one of the best things that happend to me. It takes a lot of; time, thinking, creativity and determination! But it’s worth every second. My blog develops more every day, I am gaining more readers and followers. That’s a reason to keep it going! All these people give me the necessary strength and motivation. I am sure that there are a lot of other blogs that have more followers, but I am very happy with my progress. After all I have started my blog tree months ago. Every time I get more followers and readers, I get so excited and i am super happy:o)!

On my last note, I want to thank everyone who has read, commented and followed Sharonized over the past months, I really appreciate this and it means the world to me :o). I also want to thank my family and friend for the support and be a part of it!

Below you can read my 2015 wishes  for all of you:

Keep on spreading the love, positivity,wisdom, happiness & the Sharonized blog;o)


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