My Own Designed Surinam Jumpsuit

On these cold, cloudy and rainy days, I desire to the sun and summer. I have to think a lot about my family and vacations in Surinam. Every time I go there, I get inspired in every way! One of the things I love the most besides the Surinamese culture are the traditional fabrics. In Surinam there live various population groups, there are a lot of different fabrics. Each ethnic group has its own fabric. Originally the country was inhabited by Indians. I always go to search for fabrics and design my own clothing. The last time that I was in Surinam, I felt in love with a dark blue Javanese fabric. I immediately wanted to make a jumpsuit out of it, the design was already in my head for a long time. I went to the dressmaker to make my design reality. Eagerly I waited on my jumpsuit. When I saw it and tried it on, it was perfect! I like to wear my jumpsuit in the summer. If I want to dress myself up I wear it with wedges, pumps or heels. It’s even a great outfit to go to work. I also wear it casual with sandals or sneakers. It’s the ideal  outfit to go to a Surinamese party and Surinamese people love to party :o). Unfortunately I can’t wear it in the winter, because the fabric doesn’t allow it. I can’t wait for the summer to rise and shine again in my jumpsuit! I am already working on new designs with traditional Surinamese and African fabrics.

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact me ;o).

Enjoy my jumpsuit & your weekend to the fullest!

Love & Hugs



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