My (Mon)Day Motivations

On Sunday I often wonder, why the weekend goes by so fast? Before you know , it’s back Monday! That’s so crazy :o). I have always something to do. I try to do a lot of fun stuff during the weekend, so I have a feeling that my weekend took longer than two days :o). For me, a working week should last two days and the weekend five days! I wouldn’t mind. But this will probably never happen, unless we lived in a Sharonized worId with Sharonized rules lol ;o). On Sunday (evening) you already are thinking about Monday morning. You don’t feel like waking up early and/or go to work. The advice that I can give you is to stay positive. I know that it’s easier said than done. Do something that makes you happy, during the day or before you go to bed. You also can have your favorite food or drink! This will help you to wake up with a happy feeling and have a joyful Monday. A lot of people think that Monday sucks. I don’t think so. Have you ever realized, that there is the word “mon”, in Monday? In French this word means literally “mine”. This gives me the feeling and make me think that it’s “My Day”! It’s the best reason to like Monday and make a fresh start to the week. Be grateful and blessed, because there are some people who fail to meet Monday :o(. Consider yourself as one of the lucky ones, who can enjoy another day on Earth.

A new week, new beginnings, new strenghts, new thoughts, new changes, new chances, new ideas, new, lessons, new goals, new dreams!

These are some of “My Monday Motivations”. Think of your own reason(s) why you like Monday, make your own quote(s) or write something on a post-it. Put it in a clearly visible place.Every time you read it, it will makes you happy and keeps you motivated ;o).

Empower yourself and others!

I am curious to hear about your “Monday Motivations”.

Feel free to share them with me.

XXX Life Coach Sharon XXX

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