My Mary J Blige Concert Experience#Mesmerized

Last Sunday I had a lazy Sunday. I was chilling with my hair tight, sweatpants and no make-up on. Then I got a phone call from my dad, he told me that he was going to the concert of Mary J Blige at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. I really was surprised. I didn’t knew she was coming to Belgium. Since 2008 I wanted to see her. Unfortunately my dad told me that the concert was sold out :o(. I went to the website of the Ancienne Belgique to see if I couldn’t buy any ticket at the ticket booth, but also here I read that there were no tickets available. As a true diehard fan, I tried to get a (last minute) ticket! I called to the Ancienne Belgique to see if there still were tickets, but they didn’t answered :o(. I felt really bad. My last hope was Google. I came across some adds were already were sold out. I had almost given up the hope, until I came on the website: Ticket Swap. It was the first time that I have seen this website. Ticket Swap it’s a safe website to sell and buy second hand e-tickets with a flawless transaction. When I came on the website, I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. There still was one ticket available! I immediately tried to make the transaction, but it didn’t worked because it’s only was possible to pay your facebook account. A few years ago I closed my facebook account. I decided to give my little sister a call to buy me the ticket, but she didn’t picked up her phone :s. I had to have the ticket! So there was only one thing left…reopen my facebook account. That’s what I did, after several minutes the payment was accepted. I immediately got my Mary J Blige e-ticket in my mailbox. This was unbelievable :o). I called my dad with this great news and still had one hour to prepare myself to go to the concert with him and his friend. After my quick transformation, it was time to leave. I quickly wrote a personal message for Mary J to hold up in front of the stage. After an hour we arrived at the Ancienne Belgique. Full of excitement I entered the concert hall. We still had to wait a little bit before the concert started and I decided to stand in the front, also this I managed :o). Finally she appeared in a beautiful classy red jumpsuit with a beige hat. She looked stunning and flawless. With her powerful voice she welcomed the audience and she began the concert. First she sang some of her old classics and hits. The ambience was there directly. I burst out in tears and held my paper up. After a few minutes she read my message and threw me a kiss. This feeling was so surreal and amazing! I felt honored that the Soul &Hip Hop Queen threw me a kiss and showed me so much love. She really appreciated it! My evening couldn’t be better :o). I danced, sang and scream. Before I knew, the concert was done :o(. After a few songs, she changed her outfit and appeared in another fabulous purple jumpsuit with a black hat. She sang some songs of her last album: the London Sessions. Then she surprised the audience again with some of her golden oldies. Years I was waiting for this moment and suddenly it was OVER :o(. With a satisfied and surreal feeling, I left the concert. Another dream came reality. One thing I know for sure, that it won’t be the last time. One of my biggest dreams is to meet her, I won’t give up! Everything is possible, if you believe in it. I am a huge fan. She’s my idol! Her music has led me through my life. Especially in the difficult moments. Her songs gave me strength to go on with my life. In all her songs I find a piece of myself. It’s hard to explain. It’s a feeling that she gives me, not even all the words in a dictionary can describe the feeling that she gives me. Her music heals me and releases all my emotions, the good and the bad. This beautiful classy power lady is my; role model, inspiration and motivation. She changed and saved my life!

Thank you Mary J for sharing your music and making with sharing yo A special thanks to: my dad, Ticket Swap, the Ancienne Belgique and Mary J Blige herself to make my dream come reality and for sharing
your music and life experiences!

To all you out there:
Always remember: you can realize every dream, everything is possible where there’s a will there is way!






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