My Londonized Must-Sees – Part 1

I  listed the things you really have to see when you are visiting London for the first time!

In total there will be 10 Must-Sees.

I have split my list in two. Enjoy the first part :o)!

1) Camden Market
The Camden Market is one of the largest word partially covered markets in London. The atmosphere is magical. You can buy a lot of things; jewelry, alternative clothes, shoes, piercings, second-hand stuff, antique and many other things. The market is split into different parts. The Camden Lock Market you can is art and crafts oriented. The Camden Canal Market is an open-air market for clothing. There is a wide range of food. The worldly cuisine is very well represented. If you love shopping and (cheap) food, this is the perfect location:0). When you are in Camden  and you like the market mood, you also can take a look at the following markets: Stables Market, Buck Street Market, Inverness Street & Electric Ballroom!


2) Little Venice
Little Venice is located in the North of Paddington. Here comes Regent’s Canal and the Grand Union together. The canals make this one of the most romantic places in London! You can take a boat trip or walk alongside the water, to discover how the waterways framing their ways to the city. It’s the ideal place to relax and eat or drink something at the waterside. You will find a number of pubs, eateries and cafes. The name doesn’t lie, you have the feeling that you are in the Italian Venice :o).

little venice

3) Shoreditch (aka the best shopping place in London)
Shoredith is the place to be for hipsters, artists and fashionistas. There are a lot of unique clothing stores and brands, that are known for their unique designs and designers. The cultural offer is varied; theatre, musical, art, dance, films and festivals are a few things that you can do. This is also the area where you can find the hippest night clubs, bars and pubs. If you want to eat good food for a low price, than you are at the right place. They have tasty food from all over the world. When you are in Shoreditch don’t forget to visit the Brick Lane Market! There are plenty of things that you can do and see, don’t forget to make a schedule in advance ;o).


4) Chinatown
Chinatown is located in Soho. It’s the Asian area. There are: Chinese supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries, souvenir shops and other Chinese stores. The streets are decorated with Chinese lanterns. It’s very pretty and pleasant to see. It gives you a warm and happy feeling :o). When it comes to eating you have a lot of choice, because there are many restaurants. Beware! The price variation is large. If you want to have an all you can eat experience, check out  the “Mister Wu” restaurant. You can choose from a nice buffet as much as you want :o). The food is fresh, good and low-priced.


5) Portobello Road Market
The Portobello Road Market is the world’s largest antique market, which contains the most extensive selection of antique in Britain . You can find every kind of collectible and antique. Also here food is essential :o). You can taste all kinds of delicacies. The market is situated in the colorful Notting Hill neighborhood. There is a vibrant energy and during your walk, you even can enjoy music from the street performers. Unfortunately the market is closed on Sunday.


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