My Fall Beauty Products 2014

Every season I change some of my basic beauty products. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I adore the colorful changes of the leaves that fall from the trees. It’s an innovative period. The past year is closed and nature is preparing for the next year. The temperatures are pleasant and you still can enjoy the last rays of sunshine. My autumn perfume is “Pacha Ibiza Diva”. It has an Oriental Floral fragrance. The smell is sweet and fruity . The notes are based on: orange blossom , musk, vanilla and amber. I am in love with the perfume bottle. It ‘s classy and has the shape of a diamond. We all know that a diamond is a ladies best friend ;o)!. With fall I automatically dress myself more sober. That’s why I always try to bring warmth in my face. My perfect fall lipstick is the “Apple Red Velvet Mat Lipstick” from Kiko Make Up Milano. As you already hear in the name, the color is reddish. But you also find a brown shade. It’s a mix between red and brown. Besides the unique and stylish packaging, it has a high pigmentation and high coverage effect. It remains on my lips for a very long time. I really require this fabulous lipstick :o)! At Kiko you get a lot of quality for a small price. My hands also belong to one of the most important body parts. Therefore I take good care of them and I regulated change my nail polish color. These are my favorite fall nail polish colors: red, purple, pink, grey and dark chocolate brown. The last color is the one that I have now. I don’t have enough patience to paint my nails. If I do an effort to paint them, the nail polish is everywhere besides on my nails :o)! That’s why I pamper myself monthly. Thank god for inventing nail stylists and gel nails. I call it my nail therapist, I can’t live without it anymore. With the Christmas season in sight, the chance is big that next time I will go for a red (cliché) color. Unless I am in an impulsive mood ;o). These are three of my most used fall beauty products.

I would love to hear about your favorite fall beauty products!

If you have any questions or comments, let me hear something from you.

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Pacha 2 Pacha 1

Kiko 5

Kiko 8



kiko 3
kiko 4

pink nails 3

Nails CB 1

Nails CB 2

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