My Christmas With the Poor#2016

My Christmas is about giving not getting. On Christmas eve, I went to help as a volunteer  for Sant’Egidio, on their annual Christmas dinner for the poor and homeless. The dinner took place at the beautiful  Sint-Carolus Borromeus church in Antwerp. It’s one of the most amazing churches I have ever seen. With all the paintings from the world famous Belgian Baroque painter: Petrus Paulus Rubens.  Every time I go inside this church, I feel like an angel and dream away :o). It gives a warm and happy feeling. I had to serve food for the people and see that they had everything they needed.  In the beginning you never know what to expect, but at the end of the evening everyone comes loose and become one big happy family. On this evening you release everyone from there sorrows and problems. It hurts me to know that there still are people that don’t have a roof over their heads  and can’t buy food and/or clothes. It’s incomprehensible :o(. I always have to keep myself strong , so that I won’t burst out in tears. I have met a lot of great people! It enriched and broadened my world.  They have put a smile on my face and made me forget about my sorrows :o). It was a unforgettable and priceless experience!  Next year I will be present again. Everyone must surely have tried this once in their lives. If you are curious and interested to become a volunteer on next year’s Christmas dinner, go and take a look on the website of Sant’Egidio, they organize Christmas dinners all around the world. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail.  Take a look at my pictures, to soak up my Christmas atmosphere.

And always remember to be grateful for what you have (even for the smallest thing) , because there are people who have nothing at all!

It doesn’t matter how you spend your Christmas, as long as you are happy and surrounded  by people that you love.

 I wish you a ; warm, loved and merry Christmas!

Enjoy it to the fullest :o)

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One of the invited guest with Belgian singer Helmut Lotti, who came to sing as a surprise.

foto 13 foto 1


foto 18

The City Hall Of Antwerp on the Grande Place#Beautiful#Christmaslights

foto 19

Streetview and street lightening#Antwerp

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