Merry Christmas !


I have created a Full Glam Christmas Make-Up Look.

I will show you my Christmas outfit and accessories.

I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas!

Enjoy it to the fullest!

SHARONIZED STYLING TIPS: You don’t have to wear red for Christmas, you can wear burgundy or other colors. If you like to glam up your outfit, use some jewelry. If you feel like being a DIVA, than you can wear sequins. If you want to be comfy and casual, you can wear an ugly Christmas sweater and your favorite pair of jeans.

Go And Watch My Full Glam Christmas Make-Up Tutorial On My Sharonized Make-Up YouTube Channel.

Stay Tuned for my future make-up tutorials, vlogs and blog posts.

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Thank you so much for reading.

Be Inspired & Be Sharonized

Much Love!


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