Magical Holiday Nails

I wanted to have red nails for the holidays and be cliché, like thousands of other women ;o). But my wonderful nail stylist, Conny talked me out of this and reminded me, that I have to stay a trend setter and be my lovely Sharonized self ;o). Conny told me about the new thermo gel that she had purchased. The thermo gel adapts to the temperature and changes colors. I was excited, because it seemed so unimaginable! When Conny applied the gel, the color was shiny pearlescent…very classy! So me :o)! It was more beautiful than I thought it would be. Conny told me that the warmer it is, the lighter the color is. And how colder it is, the darker the color is. I was curious about the result ;o). When I went outside, the color slowly began to change by the cold. I clearly saw the transition! My nails were greenish. I really was impressed and felt like a wizard! It was just the beginning of my new magical holiday nails experience. In meantime, my nails done a lot of color changes. They are sometimes even bluish. I have fallen in love with my magical holiday nails. Now I know what love on first sight is ;o)Every woman should have tried this! Be fast because the gel will be extracted from the market soon. Below are some pictures of my magical holiday nails. During the next weeks I will add new pictures of other color changes, stay tuned and see how my magical holiday nails experience continues.

Enjoy the pictures & see the magic :o)


foto 1

nails 2

foto 4


nails 1

nails 4

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