On today’s lippietime, I am using the Deep Violet 425 Smart Fusion Lipstick from KIKO.  It’s a creamy long-lasting lipstick and super smooth to apply. It’s a build able formula that provides medium-to-full coverage. The luxurious texture gives the lips extreme softness and make the lipstick last. The lipstick is rich and nourishing, that’s why I love to wear it. It’s super comfortable and available in 36 colors. I am sure that you will find your perfect color.

Did you know that colors are therapeutic?

Colors can heal and change your mood. The color purple represents; creativity, wealth, extravagance, wisdom, pride, peace, mystery, independence and magic. It’s often associated with: ambition, power, luxury, royalty and nobility.

Go and watch my Lippietime video and make-up tutorial on my Sharonized Make-Up Youtube channel, and see how I apply this lipstick. If you want to see more picture and videos, go and take a look on my Instagram page @BESHARONIZED.

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