Dries Van Noten #Inspirations#Exhibition#TBT

Fashion is one of my greatest passions. I was invited for the exhibition  called: Inspirations, from the word famous Belgian fashion designer: Dries Van Noten. After Paris, the exhibition came to Belgium. I went to the fashion museum in Antwerp to attend this spectacular exhibition. He showed  his unique fashion journey. Hereby he mainly used visual aspects such as videos and photos, but he also used mannequins and garments. It was a sublime consistency of  images, videos and sounds. It combined fashion with the world of visual and fine arts together with; ethnic, historical and geographical influences. This intimate tour through his unique universe took place in a completely black space. His colorful cloths cheered everything up and took care of the warmth. I really enjoyed my visit at the exhibition, there could be a more suitable name than : Inspirations. When I left the exhibition I was  impressed about Dries Van Noten and his inspiring fashion designs.  If you get a change to go to his next exhibition, I would highly recommend this to everyone with a heart for haut couture and fashion :o).


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