Cocktails With Dad

One of the things I love to do is spend time with my family and friends. This is one of my exhausts! I went for a drink with my dad at the Hollywood Café in Antwerp. It’s located at the Kinepolis cinema. They always play good music, and on top of that they have delicious cocktails and dishes. You can go there for; breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. I was in a cocktail mood and decided to have a Cosmopolitan. A Cosmopolitan cocktail is made from: vodka, cranberry juice, lemon juice and triple sec. It’s one of my favorite cocktails. I like the sweet and sour taste. Since my dad doesn’t drink alcohol, he had to miss out on this great cocktail :o). After some catching up with my dad, it was time for a second drink. I took another Cosmopolitan because I couldn’t get enough :o). When I finished my second Cosmo, it was time to end this wonderful dad/daughter date and go home.






Author: Miss Sharon

My name is Sharon. I was born in Belgium and grew up in Antwerp. I have multicultural roots: South American and Belgian . I am broad-minded and enjoy life to the fullest. I love to smile and go with the flow. I throw my heart and soul in everything I do.The world is my runway! :-)

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