Casual Tinseltown Din(n)er Wear

When it comes to clothes, I always adjust myself to the occasion. I am going to show you some more details of my outfit at the American Diner Tinseltown in London. Because we went for comfy food, I adapted myself to the environment ;o). I wanted to feel comfortable. It was cold outside, so I wore my nice warm mint green fluffy sweater. I really like this sweater and love the soft color, it’s definitely one of my favorite colors! It gives me a spring/summer feeling in the winter. I picked, one of my basic pants, which every woman and man should have. Also known as the dark jeans! You never can have too much jeans ;o). My black flat high knee boots, were my (casual) sexy touch ;o).

For this dinner date or should I say diner date ;o),  nothing was better than this; simple, comfy and casual look.






Author: Miss Sharon

My name is Sharon. I was born in Belgium and grew up in Antwerp. I have multicultural roots: South American and Belgian . I am broad-minded and enjoy life to the fullest. I love to smile and go with the flow. I throw my heart and soul in everything I do.The world is my runway! :-)

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