Banana & Pear Smoothie

One of the things that I like to drink is a smoothie. It is not only healthy, but it also gives me energy. You can choose your favorite fruits and mix them. Since I don’t like breakfast, a smoothie is the perfect solution for me ! There is nothing tastier than drinking a smoothie on an empty stomach. This time I chose pear and banana. To make my smoothie lighter, I add soy milk.

A few minutes in the blender and your delicious smoothie is ready!

It is fast and easy and you don’t even have to chew your food ;o).

Enjoy every sip of it or should I say sip it :o)

Love & Hugs.




Author: Miss Sharon

My name is Sharon. I was born in Belgium and grew up in Antwerp. I have multicultural roots: South American and Belgian . I am broad-minded and enjoy life to the fullest. I love to smile and go with the flow. I throw my heart and soul in everything I do.The world is my runway! :-)

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