A Wonderful Sunny SummerDay @ Rotterdam#FBF

Every day the summer comes closer :o). One of my favorite cities is Rotterdam. When I was a baby, I used to go a lot, because my great-grandmother lived there and many other family members. I know this city very well and it always feels like home to me. This summer I did a road trip to Rotterdam with some of my friends, to introduce them to this terrific city. We strolled through the center and enjoyed the environment and buildings. We started at the Fashion Promenade Overblaak. Until the early nineties they organized a lot of fashion events. At the old port, at the foot of the White House, Europe’s first skyscraper was rebuilt on an architectural specific way. It was the architect Piet Blom who designed different buildings; a conglomeration of homes, commercial premises, restaurants, a walkway with cube houses and the Blaak Tower nicknamed, the pencil. The whole area around the old port was redeveloped as a residential and large-scale Habitat with a concentration of catering businesses such as on Spain’s Quay. The port became available for the historical Open air museum of the inland waterway transport . Also a historic shipyard is part of the area. It’s a beautiful area with beautiful buildings surrounded by water. After our visit to the fashion promenade overblaak, we went to the center. After a few hours of hiking and shopping, it was time to take a break and grab a bite. With our filled bellies and new energy, we did some more shopping. Together with my friends, I visited my uncle, so they could get to know the Surinamese conviviality. Like always I was welcomed with open arms :o). There were also other family members present. The more the merrier ;o)! After catching up, my uncle invited us to have dinner with him. He prepared some yummy Surinamese food. My friends enjoyed every bite of it. It was delicious.  We even got a dessert! Before we knew, we had to leave :o(. On our way back, we decided to have a drink and to visit the famous Erasmusbrug by night. We took some pictures and enjoyed the priceless view! Just before we wanted to leave, it started to rain :s. We were very lucky that it was dry and sunny during the day. After an hour, I was back home and happy to crawl in my bed :o).

It was an amazing day filled with: great buildings, sun, shopping, food, love, laughs, drinks, Surinamase vibes and warmth.

What do you still need more? :o)

Rotterdam keeps on capturing my heart ;o)

















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