Welcome on Sharonized!

Sharonized is a unique blog that is a reflection of my unique self.

My name is Sharon. I was born in Belgium and grew up in Antwerp. I have multicultural roots: Surinamese Creole, Native American, Belgian and African. I am broad-minded and enjoy life to the fullest with a smile. I am in love with life & throw my heart & soul in everything that I do. The world is my runway!:-)

After graduating in office management international, I have worked in different sectors. After several years of work experience, I decided to fight my fears and make one of my dreams reality, so I started my own blog. This is my way to express myself to the world.

As I am a flight attendant, Sharonized isn’t only about my journey , but also about my desitinations. This involves my friends & family, the ones that I carry in my heart. We all know where our lives begin, but don’t know where it ends. Carpe diem!

Besides my job as a flight attendant, I am a Make-Up Artist & Fashion Stylist. I have a passion for beauty and let’s not forget fashion. This probably sounds cliché, right ;-)? Don’t worry, you will get inspired.

I think that our lifestyle can have a huge impact on our health. No health = No life & No life = No lifestyle!:-)   Each of us is a complex piece of art, let the artist within lead us to our most ultimate Chef-d’oeuvre: our whole being!

My goal is to inspire people with my personal style and view. Nobody ever said that life would be easy. If you want something, go for it and never take NO for an answer. The sky is the limit and even on the moon are footprints :-). YOU can do it! Always believe in yourself and never give up!

I want you to experience the world through my eyes.

See my pictures, read my words, think about my thoughts and feel my feelings.

And don’t forget to spread my blog and (my) love ;-).

Enjoy my journey & be Sharonized!

Love,  kisses & hugs.