I went to France, Toulouse for my work. This time I had time to explore the city. I wandered through the city and visited several shops. In France you can buy cheap beauty products in pharmacies, probably because most brands are French. After shopping it was time to visit The Saint-Etienne cathedral, it’s the most important religious building of the city. As last point of interest, I visited Pont Neuf, it’s a beautiful bridge across the Garonne River.

If you are in Toulouse, be sure to visit (some) of these places.


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I visited Amsterdam, to go to the second edition of the Urban Music Festival, called: VESTIVAL. During the entire day, I have enjoyed; great urban music artists and DJ’s in the ARENA PARK. They saved the best artist for last: NE-YO!  He is my favorite male singer :o). He is a flawless singer and dancer.

It was a unconcerned and incredible day, I had a blast, I can’t wait for next year’s VESTIVAL :o)!


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Belgium National Day #21JULY

Yesterday it was the 21st of July, also known as Belgium National Day. It’s the date on which the first King of the Belgians the constitutional oath in 1831. Each year this is celebrated throughout Belgium. I went to the capital, Brussels to celebrate. There were plenty of things to do; attractions, food stands  and performances. Of course a visit of the king and the queen couldn’t be missed. I was one of the lucky ones, which has seen them :o).It was a; sunny, beautiful and fun day. I hope I can be there again next year. Everyone must have experienced this Belgium National Day!

Enjoy my pictures!




This week the summer has officially started. Unfortunately, the Belgian weather failed. I long for the sun!  For my job, I had a mission in France. I went to Paris and Toulouse. In Toulouse I stayed at the: Hotel Mercure Toulouse Aeroport Golf De Seilh. The hotel had a golf course and swimming pool. The weather was nice. I sat on the terrace to enjoy the weather and view. Of course a glass of red wine  could not be missed during my stay in France;o). To finalize my beautiful day and mission, I spoiled myself with dinner! I can’t wait to go back to this amazing city :o).

Enjoy my pictures and view!



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Multiple Postions Bikini#Bershka #CaboVerde#Sal

I recently went to Cabo Verde, Sal. The weather was warm, nice and windy.  I couldn’t wait to go to the beach. When I arrived it was amazing! It looked just like in a travel guide, even better ;o). It was the perfect location to wear my colorful new Bershka multiple positions Mexicali bikini. I love this bikini, because you can wear it in three ways. Like always I wanted to be creative and combined the top of the bikini with the bottom of one of my other peach bikini’s. I think it was a successful combination :o).  Of course I had to take some pictures from the beach. Stay tuned for more pictures and don’t forget to click on the link to find out more about my bikini ;o).

Relax, sit back, dream away & enjoy!


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Change Your Dreams, Never Quit Them!

Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to be a flight attendant. It was my dream job. Getting paid to see the world, shat more do you need ;o). In the past I did some job applications for different airlines. Unfortunately I was not selected : o(. I decided to choose another path and to change my dream. I worked in different kind of industries; construction, government, bank, car industry, fashion and many more. All my previous jobs, gave me an insight of what I don’t wanted to do and what I wanted continue to do in my life. They helped me grow and become the person I am today. But the idea of becoming a flight attendant never got out of my mind. I kept on wondering and dreaming about how it would be. So I decided to take my chance again and apply for Jetairfly (TUI BELGIUM). It was my second application after eight years. I really was excited and after all I had nothing to lose. A few days after my application, I got a phone call from the HR department to screen me, after my screening I got invited for an interview. I knew that It wouldn’t be easy, because you have to pay a lot of attention and on top of that, youhave to talk three languages fleuntly (Dutch, French & English). The day  of my interview started with a presentation of the company. After the presentation I had to playa  role game and had to talk in three languages during the whole day. Than it was time to translate a text from English to Dutch. Luckily I got passed through the first round! I was so happy, that I could participate at the second round. The second part existed out of; role game and you had to talk about your previous career experiences in the three languages again. At the end of the day, I was really tired, but satisfied. The worst was yet to come…, waiting for the phone call to know if I was selected. Two days later I got a phone call, I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect :s. The news was AWESOME, I was selected! I couldn’t believe it and my eyes got teary. I had made it through the selections and could start my flight attendant training. I was excited to start, but what I didn’t know was, that there was a lot of learning involved. As flight attendant it’s your responsibility to see that the airplane is safe and to take care of you passengers. We aren’t on board to serve coffee, like most of the people think. We are there to guard and safe your life! That’s why you have to learn and know all the procedures. I had to wake up every morning at 4 am to go to class and studied every day till 23 pm (sometimes even later). I have learned plenty of different procedures and I also learned how to; evacuate an airplane on the ground and during ditching, survive in the water, give CPR and how to extinguish fires. Every day I had an exam, I had to get at least 80%. It wasn’t easy, but I have made it till the end :o). I am happy and proud to say that I am a flight attendant :o)! I will get my wings soon on the wingparade, and off course I will be happy to write another blog post about it. I hope you see that it’s never too late to make a dream come true. If the time is ready for it, you will accomplish it. Never give up on your dreams, no matter what other people say. Always follow your heart and dreams. If it’s your destiny and if it’s meant to be, It will happen! I hope this is a great example for all those who hesitate and are afraid to follow their dreams. If I can make it happen, you can make it happen! I am happy, blessed and of course I adore my new job. Every day is another adventure with new colleagues and passengers in another country. 

Do what you love & love what you do.

Live is to short to be unhappy!
Always Believe in Yourself!

Never Give Up, You Are Stronger Than You Think :o)

xox Love & Hugs xox
Have A Lovely Weekend!


dreams_quote_2Go#For#It#Keep#On#Believing#And#Following#Your#Dreams!foto 1My#Class#aka#INI111!foto 2My#First#Day#In#TUI#Uniform#I#Love#It!foto 1 (1) How#To#Survive#In#The#Water#aka#Watersurvival  foto 3 (1)Extinguish#A#Firefoto 3How#To#Safe#Someones#Life#CPRfoto 4 (1) Cockpit#Visit#With#Duckface ;o)foto 5 (1)Practicing#To#Become#A#PILOT :o)foto 4 First#Observation#Flight#To#Alicante#Happy#And#Blessed#Me! foto 5 Me#And#My#Lovely#Colleague#Yasminadreams_come_true_by_ebiisan-d4lwws3_large

Summer @ London#Day3

On my third day in London, we went to the Westfield Shopping Center. I was impressed again! I always feel so awesome when I get there. After a full morning of shopping in my favorite stores, it was time for lunch. We had a burger at Five Guys. They serve fresh burgers and fries. I enjoyed every bite of my burger. It was a yummy cheat meal ;o). We walked of our burgers during shopping :o). After a few hours we went home to recover, but not for long :o(.  After one hour we had to leave again. I quickly changed my outfit and we headed to the South East of London to celebrate a birthday and have dinner with Michael’s friends at The New Cross House. The New Cross House is a fancy pub in the South East of London. Michael’s friends were super nice and so was the atmosphere in the pub :o). There is no birthday without cake. We feasted of a piece of heavenly chocolate cake and then went to London city. I wanted to dance so badly, so we decided to go to Bar Soho. When we entered the bar, we were already in the party mood;o). The music was good and everyone was having a great time. It couldn’t be better! The later it became, the busier. We danced the night away until the early morning and then we went home for our beauty sleep :o).


Stay tuned I will reveal more details about my outfit#zaradaily  ;o)

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Summer @ London#Day2

After a good night sleep in London, the second day had come. After breakfast, it was gym time. I went to the LA Fitness, to follow a session with Michael’s personal trainer. I didn’t know what to expect, but I know that it was going to be tough! We trained intensively for one hour. No pain, no gain. I was exhausted and satisfied. When we came back home, we had lunch. We took a little break and made ourselves ready to go to Hydepark. It was a sunny day, the perfect day to go hiking and enjoy the sun. We walked through the park and took a tea break at Lido cafe bar with a magnificent view on the water. After a few hours of hiking, we almost died of hunger :o). It was time for dinner, we went to a Thai restaurant. As a starter I ordered Fish Cakes and Shrimp Phad Thai as a main course. The food was good. If you are hungry, everything tastes good ;o). To end this beautiful day, we went to Yogland for a frozen yoghurt dessert. It was yummy!


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Summer @ London#Day1

I am back from London and I had a blast! I arrived safe and sound with the Eurostar at the Sint Pancras International Station. I couldn’t wait to see my BFF back!  After my arrival we went home to drop of my stuff. Then it was time for lunch. We wanted something quick and healthy, so we decided to go to Pret A Manger. They serve freshly prepared food. It’s good and natural food at an affordable price. There was a wide choice. I chose the Hoison Duck Salad Wrap. It had a delicious Chinese taste. I was recharged to continue our sightseeing trip ;o). We went to London Westminster  along the Thames and walked past the London Eye. It was windy, but sunny. On our way we came across a summer bar. This came in handy ;o). We had a Pimm’s cocktail on the cosy terrace in the sun. After our drink we walked  to Soho. On our way to Soho, we walked along the famous Trafalger Square. It was very beautiful and impressive to see. When we arrived in Soho I needed a coffee break! I wanted to go to Muriel’s Kitchen. It’s a; small, cute and cosy restaurant. You can go there for; a drink, snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner. They have; healthy, sweet and hearty dishes. I had my coffee accompanied with a scone. To make it even better, there also was cream and raspberry jam. After my English coffee break, it was almost time for dinner. I had already heard a lot of great things about : Burger & Lobster. It’s a “fast” seafood restaurant. On Michael’s advice, I ordered the Lobster Roll. The Lobster Roll is a puff pastry roll filled with lobster meat. It was served with salad and crispy French fries. Everything was fresh and tasted super delicious, except the salad ;o). With a stuffed belly, it was time for my big surprise. After a fifteen minute walk we arrived at the Aldwych Theatre to see the musical: Beautiful, The Carole King Musical! I was happy! I couldn’t have a better surprise. I always wanted to go to a musical in London :o). Beautiful shows the inspiring true story of Carole King’s journey to the stardom, from being a part of a hit songwriting team with her husband Gerry Goffin, to her relationship with fellow writers and best friends Cynthia Wail and Barry Mann, to becoming one of the most successful solo acts in popular music history. Along her way, she wrote countless classics such as: You make me feel like a natural woman, Take good care of my baby, You’ve got a friend, So far away, up on the roof, It might as well rain until September and Locomotion. All these songs are sung with the necessary dance and spectacle. Except for music and dance, the following aspects were also part of the musical; drama, comedy, work, family,  love,  relationships and friendships. All musicals are coming to an end and so did this one. It was a wonderful performing! To bring this amazing  and unforgettable day to an end, we walked back to Soho and had a glass of wine.


sept 2015 191


sept 2015 179

Hoison#Duck#Salad#Wrap#With#Fresh#Orange#Juice#Healthy#Lunch @ Pret A Manger

sept 2015 182

Amazing#View#Thames#LondonEye#BigBen#Priceless#Picture#By#Miss#Sharonized#Postcard#Perfect :o)

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Striking#Another#Pose#Windy#Hair#I#Dont#Care ;o)

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English#Coffee#Break#Scone#Cream#Raspberry#Jam#Yummy#Soho @ Muriel’s Kitchen

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Dinne#Lobster#Roll#Salad#Fries#Everything#Fresh#And#Delicous#Soho @Burger & Lobster




Family Birthday Weekend @ Amsterdam#FBF

I went to Amsterdam for the birthday of my auntie . We haven’t seen each other for a very long time. I really was excited to go to this wonderful city and see my family again. The first evening we kept it quiet. We did some catching up with good music in the background and yummy food. The next day we had to do some preparations for the birthday party. In the morning we did some shopping  and in the afternoon, it was time to chill & relax. We had a birthday cake degustation at De Drie Graefjes (Lunchroom, High Tea & American Bakery) at the Gravenstraat. They sell the most delicious cake in the city. My auntie picked the heavenly Red Velvet cake as her birthday cake. We took a walk through the city, along the Dam, the famous shopping street: Kalverstraat and the beautiful Rijksmuseum. It was a sunny day so we decided to have a fancy champagne /cupcake pick nick at the Museumplein. We even had sushi, YOLO :o).  After we enjoyed the sun for a few hours, it was time to headed home. The next day we had to prepare everything for the guests. In the early evening everyone was present. We talked and enjoyed the delicious Surinam food. Before we knew it was midnight and time to count down for the birthday lady. Of course, the champagne and the Red Velvet birthday cake, couldn’t be missed. I enjoyed every sip and bite :o). In Surinam a birthday celebration without dancing doesn’t exist, so went to the Brasil Music Bar at the Leidseplein. There was a nice exotic atmosphere! The celebration went on and we danced the night away with the birthday lady. When our legs broke down, it was time to go home. It was an unforgettable day. When we woke up the next afternoon, we had our Surinam birthday dinner as brunch and the food even tasted better, than the day before. Unfortunately  a few hours later I had to pack and go back to my hometown Antwerp city. With pain in my heart I had to say (good)bye to my family and Amsterdam, I left fully charged with love and new energy. I will definitely be back soon and carry these priceless memories forever in my heart, mind & soul.