Healthy Crispy Sharonized Veggie Pizza

If it comes to food, I always try to eat as healthy as possible. One of the things that I like to eat is pizza! Yummy :o). Probably I am not the only one ;o). How doesn’t like a good pizza? In the past I often ordered pizza.  One time I got tired of it and realized that it was not good for me. I decided to make my own pizza’s. So I knew it was healthier. Sometimes I don’t feel like eating meat, so I keep it veggie. Before I start making my veggie pizza, I preheat the oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees. I love to use a brown round bread and cut this through in the middle. Then I take a little tomato sauce and spread this over the bread. If the layer tomato sauce is on the bread, I sprinkle it with peppers. To complete the pizza I put some mozzarella cheese on top and finish it with basilicum herbs to bring extra flavor. My veggie pizza goes in the preheated oven. After 15 minutes it’s time to take it out of the oven and let it cool down a bit. And then it’s time to take a bite of my delicious light and crispy Sharonized veggie pizza.

Remember to be creative and know that there are alternatives, you can use other toppings. You can choose from different types of; fish, meat, vegetables, herbs and cheese.

Enjoy every bite of your delicious light and crispy Sharonized veggie pizza :o)!






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Author: Miss Sharon

My name is Sharon. I was born in Belgium and grew up in Antwerp. I have multicultural roots: South American and Belgian . I am broad-minded and enjoy life to the fullest. I love to smile and go with the flow. I throw my heart and soul in everything I do.The world is my runway! :-)

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